London workers most satisfied in their jobs

London has been named as the city where employees are most satisfied in their jobs.

In a recent survey by Bibby Financial Services, 42 per cent of SME bosses in London reported a rise in positivity in the last quarter. This was found to be higher than any city in the UK and way above the national average of 24 per cent.   

For individuals in many careers, such as those in financial, PR or media jobs, London is recognised as the location of all the top jobs. However, this survey may encourage employees in other industries to actively seek jobs in London as well.         

Commenting on the survey, Bibby Financial Services executive director Edward Winterton was keen to discuss the benefits of keeping staff in a positive mindset. 

He told “We conducted this research as we believe the issue of staff morale is intrinsically linked to the stability of any business. It is still a difficult time to keep staff feeling optimistic about their future prospects and if business owners are worried about cash flow problems or a lack of new customer orders that has a direct impact on staff.”

Another recent survey by facility search company Officebroker has suggested that employees are most likely to feel positive about their jobs when they are constantly challenged.

According to, 72 per cent of the poll’s respondents said that they enjoy their job more because they are challenged on a daily basis.

by Joe Elvin on May 29, 2012

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