London workers most likely to be looking for better job

London workers are the most prepared to leave their job for a better one, suggests a new poll.

Figures gathered by an independent recruitment company suggest that 49 per cent of those who work in the capital are willing to leave their current employer, which is more than in any other region.

Just 35 per cent of those in the East and 28 per cent of those in the North East claimed that they were prepared to leave their employers. This suggests that those with jobs in London have far more ambitious career plans.

Speaking to HR Magazine, recruitment expert Charles Logan claimed that confident workers were more likely to on the hunt for a better career.

He said: “Confidence is such an important factor – not only does it help candidates believe that they are capable of getting another role, but it will help them to demonstrate to a potential employers that they are able to add value.”

The survey also revealed that employees between the ages of 35-44 are the most likely to be on the hunt for a new job, whilst older workers were the least likely to consider switching careers.

Grapevine Magazine report that the most common reason given for not wanting to leave a job was because workers enjoyed it.

by Joe Elvin on October 12, 2011

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