London sees a rise in job vacancies

Job seekers in the capital should be seeing an improvement in recruitment, a survey says, with more jobs in London being advertised than in the last thirteen months.

A survey carried out by a recruitment organisation and cited in The Telegraph confirmed that job vacancies rose in January, marking an unexpected yet encouraging development, given recent news. Job demand in London alone rose by 5%.

The survey, based on information provided by over 8,000 recruiters, converts the number of vacancies advertised into a job index which can then measure the strength of vacancy creation. The results of January’s information saw the index climb from 104 points to 113, the highest since the index began in December 2009.

While a total of seventeen job sectors saw increases, the survey credits growth in the private sector for the rise, which amounts to 13%. The manufacturing and engineering sectors saw the biggest rises in job creation, followed by scientific industries. These hopeful signs indicate that confidence among private sector employees is growing.

According to The Telegraph, there were also increases in “growth-support sectors, such as sales, marketing and HR.” Finance, banking, accountancy and IT were also winners.

A representative for the company who carried out the survey said to the BBC: “while there may be economic challenges ahead, this is encouraging news for the UK economy.”

by Elizabeth Smythe on January 31, 2011

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