London proves popular choice for job searches

London is one of the top locations that people search for jobs in, according to

A report by digital marketing agency Greenlight found that London and Glasgow were the top locations within the UK.

The term ‘jobs in London’ accounted for two per cent of the job searches that consumers make for specific locations. reports that the results of the study are similar to the figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Those figures showed a fall in unemployment in the UK by 4,000 in the quarter from April to June.

Kevin Green, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation CEO said that the data from the ONS proves that the UK was starting to head in the right direction.

He also pointed out that “the skills, experience or confidence to take advantage of those opportunities” was a concern for people who had been unemployed, potentially pushing them towards looking for apprenticeships rather than jobs.

The Greenlight data showed that 368,000 searches in July were for ‘apprenticeships’.

The charity and civil service sectors were two of the most popular industries that people were searching for employment and job vacancies, with the retail and leisure industries also proving to be popular search choices.

by Lauren Sutton on September 3, 2013

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