London offices need to be comfortable, claim workers

Just under two-thirds of London-based employees would improve their performance at work if their offices were ‘more desirable and comfortable’.

That’s according to a survey of 1,000 UK employees released by London-based property developer DeVono, titled ‘Working In London 2012’, which found that just under half are upset when the temperature of the office is not correct.

Furthermore, offering gym access would appeal to 49.2 per cent of workers as keeping fit appears to be an integral part of at least half of London-based workers. In addition, 47.5 per cent would consider cycling to work if the firm offered bike storage facilities, cites

By offering such amenities, firms can also attract the best talent from across the UK. As a result, those looking for jobs in London will seek out such a business that offers a variety of comforting, innovative facilities.

Adam Landau, DeVono co-director, commented on the need for improved offices: “Business bosses are quickly realising that by offering the best working environments they are likely to gain better performances from existing staff and also attract the best candidates during a recruitment process.

“Working in London is so fast-paced and people need a greater work/life balance, which is why gyms in the workplace are such an incentive,” he added.

by Ashley Curtis on September 21, 2012

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