London jobs on the up, according to the CBI

Confidence in the London jobs market is increasing, according to a study by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

The London Business Survey, found that 40 per cent more business leaders were confident about the economy this year than they were last year.

A total of 61 per cent of companies in the capital were also expecting hiring to be normal in the next six months. This compared to 16 per cent of those who were asked the same question in 2011.

The number of firms who are set to implement a recruitment freeze also fell 20 per cent, from 51 per cent in 2011, to 31 per cent.

Sara Parker, CBI director for London, told “It’s really encouraging news for London that the hiring freeze seen earlier in the year has begun to thaw and more companies are now getting back to recruiting as normal.”

She continued: “While firms are still cautious about the economy, 2012 has been an upbeat year for the capital, and many firms are feeling buoyed by our Olympic success, and are positive about London as a place to invest and do business.”

The survey questioned a total of 168 London companies, according to

by Samantha Bartlett on December 24, 2012

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