London job market on the up

The London job market is sending out some very interesting but sometimes confusing messages with reference to the economy. Whilst most of our clients have started hiring again, some in unprecedented volumes), other firms are worried about the impact that public sector cuts will have on their business.

As a talented candidate it is a pretty good time to start looking for a new role as the opportunities in London are much more diverse and interesting than they were 12 or even 18 months ago. Although the job market is on the up, it is still a very competitive business as  job seekers are faced with employers who want the perfect match for their needs and would rather wait until they see the ideal candidate, and are less inclined to make compromises , as this could be a costly experience.

As a job seeker it is essential that you work really hard to attain the job you apply for by doing lots of preparation before sending out cvs and also attending interviews . Lots and lots of research is critical, not just on the website, but by finding out as much as you can about the team, the department and importantly any press coverage which will affect the strategy of the business as a whole.  

Being invited for interview is a great opportunity but the hard work starts there.  The candidates who ultimately do well are often very clear, focused and have a real understanding of the role and market they are applying to. The London job market is still fiercely competitive and employers are expecting 150% out of their people.

by Boyce Recruitment on June 9, 2010

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