London is the best region for employment opportunities

Jobs are being created in London at a much faster rate than anywhere else in the UK.

Research by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) shows that employment in the capital has increased by 3.3 per cent since December 2007 and is now above pre-recession levels.

The Guardian reports that a high proportion of London jobs were being created in Westminster and Kingston-upon-Thames, whilst many were also arising in the City of London.

The only other two regions to demonstrate employment boosts in this period are the East Midlands and the East of England, which have shown 0.3 and 1.4 per cent increases respectively.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, has called for the government to create a more even share of employment opportunities.

He said: “While employment has been more resilient than other parts of our economy, we are still a long way short of returning to our pre-recession health, particularly for men working outside London.

“The Government urgently needs a plan for growth that creates jobs across the UK, rather than concentrating them in parts of the capital while the rest of the country is left behind.”

The TUC have announced that employment opportunities appear to be looking a lot rosier for women, as the number of females in work across the UK has improved by 0.3 per cent since the end of 2007.

by Joe Elvin on August 16, 2011

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