London Evening Standard launches campaign to boost city’s recruitment

The London Evening Standard has launched a campaign to try and help youths looking for jobs in London, reports.

The newspaper has teamed up with Tower Hamlets social enterprise – City Gateway – on the ‘Ladder For London campaign’.

The partnership hopes to encourage businesses across the capital to hire one or more apprentices over the year, who will have a year’s experience of training.

A spokesperson for City Gateway told “We are proud to be working with London Evening Standard to support the capital’s young people and progress them into employment. We believe we can make a big difference to the capital’s young adults.”

Sarah Sands, editor of the London Evening Standard added that research had shown a lack of experience was the biggest obstacle for young people trying to get a job. She also said that the Standard was proud to be pioneering a solution and that the company will be ‘getting the ball rolling’ by hiring apprentices too.

Companies who take on apprentices will be offered incentives such as a government-funded £1,500 grant and will be mentioned in the Standard newspaper.

City Gateway offers youngsters pre-apprenticeship courses and helps try to find them full apprenticeships and further training. Last year it managed to help 300 young people in the London area.

by Samantha Bartlett on September 25, 2012

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