London earns the title of ‘talent capital’ of the world

London has been named the ‘talent capital’ of the world, as it is the city which employs the most amount of people in high-skilled jobs, a new report has found.

According to, research published by Deloitte reveals that a huge 1.5 million people are employed in London in high-skilled sectors. This figure puts it far ahead of other cities such as New York, which comes in second place with 1.2 million employed highly-skilled workers. Los Angeles finishes in third place with 784,000 and Hong Kong places fourth with 630,000.

Furthermore, London is the global leader in 12 of the 22 high-skilled sectors studied by Deloitte, including digital media, legal services, publishing, education, accountancy and banking.

Deloitte estimates that a minimum of 300,000 jobs will be created in London by 2020 and a third of those will be in high-skilled sectors. It also predicts that a strong growth in the media business and creative digital sectors will more than make up for the recent decline in financial services, reports

Kit Malthouse, deputy mayor for business and enterprise at the Greater London Authority (GLA), noted that the city will have to keep adapting its workforce’s skills in order to keep its position as a world leader in skilled sectors.

“Great cities rise and fall by attracting – or failing to attract – talented, skilled people,” he said. “London has long been a magnet for talented individuals and has also nurtured native-born talent through the excellence of its universities, colleges and on-the-job opportunities.”

by Laura Varley on November 11, 2013

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