Lack of basic skills holding young Brits back from securing jobs

Young people are holding themselves back from getting work, as many apply for jobs without having any basic skills in English or maths, the Prime Minister claims.

According to, David Cameron says young people leave school or college too early, before they’ve picked up the skills needed to apply for jobs. This means that although there are plenty of vacancies, they are struggling to be filled because not enough people have the skills required.

One example he gives is Mercedes trying to take on 5,000 new apprentices. Some 30,000 people applied, but many of them lacked basic English and maths skills.

Even his own son, who’s eight years old, thought that professional footballers don’t need any qualifications to land their dream job, reports However, he states that things are getting better.

“I think if you look back five or ten years ago we had a real problem there in that when we did generate jobs, a lot of those jobs were going to people from overseas coming here, quite understandably, to do those jobs because we were not creating a skilled workforce here at home,” he explains. “I think we have made some big, big improvements.”

He adds that the current parliament has helped create some 1.6 million apprentices. By the end of this parliament, Mr Cameron wants to increase this figure to two million.

by Laura Varley on April 23, 2014

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