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On Friday 8th May, Boyce Recruitment had the opportunity to be involved in one of Kidsco’s school trips. Across London and Bristol, schools are signing up to Kidsco so that they can offer their pupils the chance to experience new environments’ and experiences, some of which they might not have been able to do otherwise.

As one of our voluntary CSR days we decided to sponsor a school trip to the London Aquarium for children in Year 4. This was particularly poignant for us as it was the first time this particular class had ever been on a school trip in London.

When the children arrived, we were there to greet them off the bus and they were split up into teams of 2 or 3 (depending on their needs) and were allocated an adult to look after during the trip. The competitive nature of the consultants wasn’t lost as each team was given a quiz to complete; the answers were to be found around the aquarium to test how much they had learnt about the creatures they were about to meet.

It was so lovely to see how much the children enjoyed the experience. It is very overwhelming to think about the difficult situations that some of these children face in their day to day lives and how much difference a day out can make to each of them. Throughout the trip the children were beaming and constantly reminding us how much fun they were having.

As we walked through the aquarium, it was magical to watch the children’s faces as we passed tropical fish, giant crabs and jellyfish; we walked through a tunnel surrounded by sharks and were able to touch the starfish.

In all honesty I think the adults enjoyed themselves just as much as, if not more than the children! We ended the day with a short break and walked the kids back to their coach. We all had an exciting day and were sad to see them leave.

It was also great to see the fantastic work Kids Company are doing and actually meeting the children that it benefits was a real eye opener, a memorable experience which has made us all the more enthusiastic to continue to support them throughout 2015.

Marilyn Marazzi

by Marilyn Marazzi on May 18, 2015

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