Keeping your reputation

A recent report suggested that over 65% of people working, would consider finding new employment as soon as the market turns. It really has never been more important for a company to focus on building the reputation as an employer of choice and make sure employees are aware of the positives of working for them .
Many disgruntled people feel that they have been penalised for poor company performance, bad management or just not been appreciated, and it is all too easy to apply for jobs with other firms these days instead of working hard to understand what the business is planning for 2010 and where they fit into this plan.
In addition if one person leaves a firm, often it makes others question their employment and can sometimes result in a mass exodus without any real single specific reason.
On a positive note one could argue that one person’s loss is another person’s gain. If we were to take this point of view then we could see the benefits of introducing fresh blood and new talent into a firm. This could give a boost to the business performance and bring in some fresh direction if the new hire was at Senior Strategic level.
Without fresh input there is often a danger of becoming stagnant .


by manuela on February 8, 2010

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