One of the biggest challenges in the recruitment industry is ensuring that candidates we attract are relevant and fresh.

As we launch full swing into the buoyant job market of 2015, many firms will find their own recruitment approaches frustrated by the lack of talent available. Now is definitely the time to be creative and inspiring when presenting briefs to the job market.

In recent times the recruitment campaigns which are generally thought of as inspiring or engaging to the new generation of candidates – and the ones that stand out the most – the ones that dare to be different on websites, you tube, in company presentations using a broad range of visuals : tv, video, blog, infographics, slideshare, …are often poorly supported by watered down job descriptions with nothing engaging or inspiring beyond a word document.

Nowadays it can be hard to be truly different as the internet encourages all sorts of plagiarism, where a new idea can be copied and adapted very quickly. However the key to being really successful in your recruitment campaign is to challenge, be creative but also stay true to your company vision; capitalise on your core brand to stand out from competitors looking to recruit from the same pool of talent.

This kind of approach can also be risky, takes time, but it is surely the best way to deliver a compelling story about your company and persuade the very best talent in the industry to consider you as a serious employment option.

Challenge the way you present your job descriptions and think about how you can engage with potential employees using a variety of different formats. It’s really important to push the boundaries and turn things on their side if you really want to do a better job than your competitors to attract the best talent to your business.

We are encouraging our consultants to step outside of their usual thought patterns and let the ideas flow of how to build a much more robust and successful recruitment offering for their clients.

Our aim is to deliver exceptional recruitment services to our clients and to ensure that we generate new and innovative ways to attract the best talent for our clients.

by on February 16th, 2015
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