Keep on top of your recruitment processes.

An article in this weeks press stated that many London based firms are struggling to find the right candidates for their roles, despite the volume of candidates available on the market at the moment.

In response to this I would ask the following questions

Are they clear about what they are actually looking for in the first place?

Does this candidate exist and if so, are they likely to be in employment, how many of them are likely to be around and how many people are looking for similar skills?

Are they approaching the whole recruitment process from the right angle? Do they recognise that good candidates will still be picky about their next career despite a tight economy and therefore the recruitment process should be managed appropriately.

Have they thought about why they are an attractive employer as opposed to other firms?

Many firms do not put enough thought into this pre recruitment process. For example, in a tight economy, good sales skills are often highly sought after. Often a company will have to work very hard at selling themselves to attract someone who is going to add hundreds of thousands to their bottom line.

Within marketing recruitment, particular areas of growth are within the online sector with many firms choosing to do business internationally for the UK. Good candidates with online skills and international outlook are in high demand.

Some companies still struggle to fill these roles and if they are not careful will continue to do so when the market has turned completely and when the competition for good candidates will become even more fierce.


by manuela on June 11, 2009

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