Keep focused

As the weather watchers gear themselves up for snowstorms it is worth keeping focused on the job market with an eye on the job boards. Whilst many people are preparing for a South East snow standstill, there are other firms very keen to recruit and fill positions as soon as possible.

Make sure your cv is up to date and also think about when you can attend interviews as many people haven’t given this apect of job hunting enough thought. Saying you will not be available for interview for 2 weeks can affect your chances. You might be reluctant to give it a miss as the New Year starts but beginning of January can often be the best time to find new employment, as companies have new budgets to work with.

If you found job hunting a struggle last year then ask your consultant what you could do to improve and make your job prospects better in 2010. Remember to stay optimistic. Although the cold weather might make things seem glum in January, a good sense of humour and positive outlook will keep things moving in the right direction.


by manuela on January 5, 2010

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