Just over one in ten companies use social media to hire staff

New research proves that companies are making good use out of social media but not when recruiting new members of staff.

Many studies have highlighted that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help recruiters gain valuable insights on their candidates. Many profiles are available for public viewing and the information on display could aid companies in their search for the right type of worker, reports onrec.com.

However, a survey of 7,700 UK businesses from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that just over one in ten (11.8 per cent) use social media in the recruitment process.

According to recruiter.com, finding staff was listed fifth out of the six most common social media applications, below developing company image (33.1 per cent), responding to customer questions (23.4 per cent) and collaborating with business partners (12.9 per cent).

There was evidence to suggest that using social media to recruit workers was a technique favoured by larger businesses, as 44 per cent of firms with over 1,000 staff said they had adopted this approach. Contrastingly, a mere 9.9 per cent of firms with 10-49 members of staff used social media to hire people, with 18.7 per cent of firms with 50-249 workers doing the same.

This is likely to come as a surprise to members of the recruitment industry, as searching for candidates with social media is widely considered to be a cost-effective technique.

by Richard Towey on December 5, 2013

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