Jobseekers turning to tablets and smartphones

More and more jobseekers are turning to their tablets and smartphones to find a job, according to the Financial Times.

It is thought that an increasing amount of people are finding and applying for roles via this method, with one telecoms company, Colt, claiming that 15 per cent of its applications come via mobile phones.

Furthermore, social networks and text messaging are really helping boost recruitment for companies; with a spokesperson for Colt claiming: “Mobile technology and social networks let us advertise directly and save a significant amount of money.”

However not all people looking for a job will have access to a tablet or smartphone – or even a mobile phone for that matter.

As such, businesses should still utilise the traditional methods to fill their job vacancies. These include enlisting the services of a recruitment agency, whose qualified professionals are able to source high-quality candidates; and advertising via print media.

One recruitment expert, Kerstin Wagner, even claimed that the traditional methods would only be supported by digital methods. She called it a “strong additional channel to highlight job opportunities.”

This was confirmed by AP Business Contacts, which argued that: “The traditional recruitment consultant is still going strong.”


by Deborah Bates on April 20, 2011

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