Confirmit/Reportal Consultant :up to 9 month contract

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We are looking for a specialist using Confirmit / Reportal for a 9 month project.
This person would be needed from March onwards for three to nine months. I cannot be any more specific with regard to exact timings as the scope of the project will only be confirmed mid February.

The ideal person will have experience/ skills in:

Advanced Reportal skills, including:
• Ability to custom-build a large report efficiently (using all recommendations from Confirmit to reduce load/increase performance)
• Ability to integrate tables and charts, build custom tables, calculate and import data from multiple sources
• Ability to deal with time-series data - create filters/views based on custom time periods, including rolling periods (e.g. 3-month rolling, etc.)
• Ability to write/use functions and script libraries to improve consistency in development
• Ability to build to a high design spec, integrating HTML, css and javascript/jscript into the dashboard
• Ability to work with databases within the report
• Building reports for exporting/downloading in Excel and PowerPoint
• Using the analysis part to build custom tables for additional reports/exports

Expert scripting skills, including:
• Ability to deal with a large number of work-stream versions within one script
• Working with databases and large numbers of sample fields
• Transferring/converting data into different formats for export, dashboards and other reports

Expert data skills, including:
• Merging data across a number of projects to feed into the dashboard
• To work with Data Processing rules to clean data, manipulate data and transfer it elsewhere as needed

Web design skills, including:
• Using CSS to apply consistent formatting to the dashboard
• Using HTML, Javascript, JScript, css, etc. to design and build dashboard portal that looks clean and modern and is easy to use
• Use Javascript and css to manipulate other parts of the report to provide custom function - e.g. post-colouring of grids to hard-code specific colours, work outside of limits imposed by Confirmit

Confirmit base knowledge, including:
• In-depth knowledge and experience of how Confirmit works, and how to link/interlink projects and products to achieve the system we need to build - e.g. integrating Action Management (or custom building a different version), using Benchmarking surveys, merging data sets together, accessing respondent databases from Reports, etc.

Start date March 2019
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For more details contact: Manuela Boyce

0207 492 1751

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