Job opportunities continuing to increase in Britain

Job opportunities across the UK continued to grow in February, increasing at a faster rate than had been predicted, a report published today has suggested.

Research by an independent recruitment firm confirmed that the jobs market saw a rise of 16 per cent throughout the month of February; with the biggest rise seen in engineering, telecoms, human resources, leisure, transport, marketing and media jobs. London, East Anglia and the South West have all seen the biggest share of growth, although the rise is expected to affect areas throughout Britain.

One industry expert, Martin Warnes, spoke to The Independent about the positive news, claiming: “UK employers are still in job-creation mode, with 26 per cent more new jobs on offer now compared to a year ago.”

“Employers right across the private sector are showing their confidence by recruiting new staff, at a time when high competition for new jobs is still seeing a cap on salaries.”

The information is good news for industries that look less than positive a few months ago, and suggests that even with austerity measures and lowering of public sector opportunities on the horizon, the marked rise in jobs available is enough to offer the chance of growth.

by David Howells on February 28, 2011

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