Job News from the Broadcast team

Recent mergers and acquisitions in the tv industry, together with the automation of processes and the creation of new departments means that the three most influential changes we have witnessed this year in broadcast jobs are :

Increase in contract work

Contract positions cover short and medium departmental needs and allows departments flexibility to manage new projects, as well as respond to shorter term demands. we have witnessed a dramatic increase in fixed term contracts and strongly recommend that you do not turn down the offer of contract work in lieu of waiting for a suitable permanent role . Contracting offers considerable benefits including the opportunity to build on new skills and gain exposure to new departments and companies.

Increase in management positions available .

Last year management positions were cut considerably in the broadcast sector. This year restructures, and new projects created mean that there is an increase in demand for expertise in strategic and operational roles at senior level.

Changes in skills needed for jobs in production and compliance

Increase in the automation of processes means that there is more demand for applicants for jobs in production and compliance to have final cut editing skills. We would advise any applicant looking to work in these areas to seek out these skills as they will benefit your job application process considerably.

by Boyce Recruitment on September 17, 2010

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