Attracting new creative talent to your business ought to be easier than ever, now that there is a vast array of online communication methods on offer.

Whilst the traditional job description is a long-cherished recruitment tool, there is still a tendency for companies to focus on their social media presence, website, digital; /mobile content and Youtube channel, but  forget about the job spec which often ends up looking like a dull bland word document under the guise of “The job description and person specification “.


So what.

 What’s even more discouraging is….

…..when companies with a number of similar roles to fill at the same level, produce job descriptions which are generic; lacking any detail about clients or accounts, and they just look like a list of tasks, without having any thought about the visual impact of the document and without explaining the context of the role. Job descriptions often fail to address the big question asked by candidates: “Why would I want to do this job in this company? “

Granted that job descriptions serve a purpose; they clarify what are the duties and responsibilities, as well as skills required to perform a task. However, this is not enough.

Job searches are as much about the social context  in which candidates find themselves looking for work, their personal needs and ambitions …

…as they are about the skills needed and personal attributes of the ideal candidate. Candidates always want to know about about the company culture, why we believe they are an employer of choice, what tools they use in their marketing and communications, how they present themselves to their clients and stakeholders, what are the long term opportunities in the business and they frequently ask for evidence or case studies of people who have progressed through the ranks.

Potential applicants will also consider the design and layout of a job description; almost as much as a website, infographic, published article, social media activity and Youtube video content.

And yet the least attention is paid to design & layout of the actual job description itself.

Done well,  they will be a helpful ingredient in attracting the right person for your business from the onset.

They will also help speed up the recruitment process by immediately attracting the right talent, showing your work style and how you want your clients to see you.

They will also make you stand out from your competitors who continue to produce uninviting documents.

It’s a no brainer really and about time this essential piece of the puzzle in the recruitment process is given the love and attention it deserves.


by on May 22nd, 2015
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