Job confidence rising across ‘all regions and all sectors’

New research shows job confidence rising across the whole of the UK as workers prepare to see what opportunities lie in store for them.

The latest National Careers Service Job Confidence Index from market research group ICM says an upturn for the economy, improved skillsets and a rise in opportunities are leading to a greater level of optimism among job seekers.

Cited by, the index shows that four in five workers – or 79 per cent – are claiming to be confident about finding work than they were in November 2013.

This marks a three per cent increase on the previous index and helped the overall national job confidence score rise by 2.1 points, where it reached 55.6 out of 100.

A total of 57 per cent put their renewed sense of optimism down to an economic recovery, which is enabling more businesses to free up the necessary funds to bring new workers in.

One in three – or 34 per cent – said their confidence could be put down to an increase in the amount of available jobs, while 32 per cent attributed their positive outlook to having the right skills to succeed.

Then, when it came to the crucial question of whether they had the experience to succeed, said 72 per cent agreed they had the credentials to excel in their chosen field – this up by ten per cent from November.

Although ICM claims that all regions of Britain saw a boost in job confidence, the biggest rises were found in the North East and the West Midlands.

by Richard Towey on March 28, 2014

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