It’s good to talk

telephoneby Sophie Jones

The ongoing debate on how to speak to clients at Boyce is; which is better a call or an e-mail???

Although the digital world brings us all kind of benefits; it’s quick, convenient and if it is confidential, it means that you are able to discuss information which cannot be discussed in open plan office, the overwhelming majority of consultants at Boyce, believe it will never substitute for a live telephone conversation.  People appreciate the sound of someone’s voice, working in the recruitment industry this means everything, as you are able to ensure that what you want to say is delivered in the best possible way.

In any business relationship, a phone call can mean many things. It shows you are on the ball, enthusiastic and ready to assist. Tone and context can often be mistaken over e-mail, and a call is the simplest way to resolve issues and build relationships.  This is especially true covering areas of conflict.

Email and social networking have given us much wider and deeper global connections, but we believe it will never replace a voice at the end of the line. So the next time you have an issue over e-mail, let’s all put down those blackberry’s and I pads and pick up that phone and make the call.


by Sophie Jones on May 5, 2013

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