Internships and work experience could help young people

Changes to traditional work experience programmes could benefit young people looking for jobs in London and across the rest of the UK.

That’s according to Personnel Today, which reported that the changing face of traditional work experience schemes could help more young people and graduates find a “decent job.”

More and more employers are considering implementing “innovative work-placement schemes,” the website claimed; helping more school leaves to find a strong path into the workplace.

One recruitment expert has spoken out in favour of the change, Iain McLaughlin, who believed it’s a move for the better: “The need for talent continues to grow, while at the same time the ability to find, attract and retain talent remains hugely competitive.”

“Consequently, recruiters need to open more potential channels of talent, or put simply, more methods of finding a route into organisations.”

Another specialist who has spoken out, Maria Floud (graduate recruitment manager) said internships were a great success: “The internship model used as a key pipeline to the graduate programme is very successful.”

“I think we will start to see more alternative ways into firms that the traditional graduate programme.”

However one businesswoman, Tyler Roberts, told The Seahawk how companies should ensure the internship is “educational” for the intern, ensuring they are not used simply to benefit the company.

by Deborah Bates on March 3, 2011

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