In the future kids will be recruited out of primary school, says report

A global advisory service has said that by 2035 children might be offered full-time jobs and given mentoring and corporate sponsorship before they leave primary school.

KPMG issued a Fast Forward series of reports looking at how British business might operate by 2035. The advisory committee said that it predicted a ‘new capitalist framework’, with a starvation of economic growth driving the new business model.

Rather than CEOs, businesses would be run by so-called CFiOs – chief finance and intelligence officers. Companies would appear from nowhere and then disappear again just as quickly, said KPMG.

While some of this may sound unrealistic, Patrick Fenton, partner in KPMG Management Consulting, told that was the whole point.

“It’s less about having the right answer about what will be happening in 2035 than about sparking a debate and discussion,” said Fenton.

Fenton says that businesses will need to learn to be hyper-agile, anticipating change, rather than simply accepting it. He likens the model to those with broadcast jobs such as a film crew, where actors, runners, catering companies and many more come together for one film and then go their separate ways again.

As the for the next generation, KPMG says that they will enter employment with a ‘swagger and confidence far beyond their age’.

‘They will bring astounding analytical minds, instant global networks and fresh foresight to the workplace,’ said the report on

by Sean McGrath on February 27, 2013

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