The Benefits of Working as a Temp  in the TV Industry

We asked our recruiters for TV, Broadcast & Media, why temping in the TV industry can have a positive impact on your career.

With the TV landscape changing and broadcasters implementing new strategies and restructures, this is an excellent opportunity to work as a temp in the TV industry.

It can be extremely daunting for candidates who’ve been made redundant or are coming to the end of their freelance contract, regardless of seniority. Still, they shouldn’t despair as there are plenty of temporary and freelance opportunities available within the TV industry. The freedom of being available for work, pretty much immediately, means that you have a broader selection of job options on offer.

Broaden your Experiences

Speaking from personal experience, temp work in TV is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your experiences within different companies and teams. It will also give you access to internal job boards and, of course, allow you to build relationships with internal teams and hiring managers. These may perhaps lead you to that next permanent role in the TV industry that you’ve been seeking.

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Changing your Mindset

When looking for permanent jobs in TV, there will always be a different mindset in terms of what role, level and salary you will consider. However, with temping in the TV industry, you can afford to think differently in terms of what work you may take on.

In being open-minded and flexible about the type and level of role you will consider, allows you to gain experiences and knowledge that you may not have had previously.

Examples of this include:

• The opportunity to work with a new client, perhaps one that has interested you in the past. Or to gain insight into the culture and environment of a broadcaster you haven’t worked with before. It’s a great way to see if you would want to apply for a permanent role in the future.

• A chance to learn new broadcast systems and workflow processes while gaining new skills – this will benefit you when applying to other clients in the TV industry who use the same systems.

• The opportunity to work on specific projects (for example, migrations, channel launches and rebrands) that you may not have experienced before.

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You Decide

Working as a temp in the TV industry gives you the chance to keep busy, pay those bills, learn new skills while continuing your search for that perfect permanent role.

What’s more, the best thing about temping in the TV industry is that you’re in control – you have the decision to commit to short, mid or long-term bookings dependant on your priorities and expectations.

How Covid is affecting the temp sector

Despite the government recommendations for people to work at home, there is still a demand (although somewhat slower) for temps in the TV industry. Companies are onboarding remotely and still expecting a dedicated workforce to help them through the coming months. We spoke to several freelancers and asked them if the current situation had changed their approach to freelance work.

The key tips received were:

Know your worth. Yes be flexible on the rate you ask for, as company budgets are tight at the moment, but don’t completely undersell yourself. If you have been out of work for a long time and things are getting tough , then it would definitely be worth asking your recruiter or any other adviser if there is anything you should change about your resume, the work you would be willing to do and your rate.

Make sure your cv and social profiles are up to date with your latest skills, training and experience.

Don’t rule out a short assignment. Short term assignments can end up becoming long term assignments. It could be the beginning of a longer relationship. In the same way don’t rule out much longer assignments, especially if you need some security.

For more information about how to get the most out of your job search, contact our recruitment team or check out our other blog articles .