How we need to make sure we don’t fail our own industry

How we need to make sure we don’t fail our own industry  

In London, the recruitment industry is usually the first industry to suffer at the hands of an uncertain economic forecast. Despite this there is still a relatively strong demand for qualified and skilled candidates within the broadcast, marketing and media job market as many companies are still keen to grow and seek to retain flexibility in their workforce.

The pressures of the economy coupled with change in the way people communicate should mean that expectations of the level of service our clients are getting from their recruitment suppliers are substantially higher. After all, it is expected that specialist recruiters provide expertise on  trends and work attitudes and continuously offer added value to a market place that is saturated with job boards.

Unfortunately we have come across an increasing number of candidates who have submitted their job application through recruiters without having met or been formally interviewed. This has had an enormous impact on the recruitment processes of a company and seriously undermines the quality and value of using a recruitment agency.  Surprisingly some candidates continue to allow themselves to be represented by these recruiters and, in some instances, we find that these applicants miss out on job roles as they have not been well represented for specific roles.

Recruitment consultants should concentrate on building their service and adding value to  the recruitment processes of clients. Unfortunately as they generally don’t get paid for their work unless they are successful at filling a job, some recruiters will try and cut corners in order to earn fees, but we all know that cutting corners isnt the best way to do business and build long standing relationships.

Unfortunately when the job market slows, som recruiters would rather sacrifice their standards in order to try and achieve a quick fix and lose sight of the importance of sticking to maintaining great customer service, even looking at ways to offer better servcie than before, so that they will continue to make a lasting impression on companies and job seekers . In return it is those companies and job seekers who shpould take some responsiblity and put pressure on these recruiters to raise their game and show them that they won’t take second best. Unless this happens then there is a real danger of devaluing an industry which is crucial to the success of our British economy.


by Boyce Recruitment on February 27, 2013

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