How to improve your CV

My name is Daniela and I am a job seeker like probably most of you. I moved to London 3 months ago from Germany and am looking for a job in journalism and media. Jobs in that area are really hard to find, which is why I am currently temping at the boyce reception.

Temping at a recruitment agency is a very valuable experience, since I can learn a lot for my own application process. As part of my job I see many CVs every day and noticed some really common mistakes. Registering with boyce and getting your dream job would be easier if you could avoid them.

Here are my tips for a more successful application:

Make sure that you include in your email/cover letter what kind of job you are interested in, especially when you send in speculative applications. Recruiters need to know what you are looking for, what you are interested in and where your talents are, otherwise getting your desired job will be tough.

Include your full contact details in your CV: address, email, telephone number. You would be surprised about how many people forget them.
Design matters. Avoid crude colours in your CV and keep it simple, tidy and eye-friendly.

Take care on formatting your CV. For example, use a standard font in reasonable size. And remember that if you are going to say that you have good computer skills, your CV should look like it.

Keep your CV as short as possible. Recruiters receive a huge amount of CVs everyday, so catch their eye by highlighting your skills and try to make it not longer than two pages. Say more about your work experience that matters for your desired position and less about any other jobs you might have had.

If you are new to the London job market, you might be surprised at how quickly you can get a job. Applying too early could therefore be a disadvantage. You need to be available for interviews immediately, so start applying once you arrive in London and are free for interviews.

Languages are always an important skill. Highlight them in your CV. When you are from abroad, take it as an advantage and look especially for bilingual jobs. There are plenty of them!

For more CV tips and advice, head over to our page about how to create a better CV.


by manuela on November 6, 2009

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