How has the Pandemic affected career aspirations?

The contrast between the very strong job market in January and now, could not be any greater. We are fully aware that as Lockdown continues, optimism wanes. Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been asking our candidates** who were registered for permanent recruitment, how has the pandemic affected their work situation and their opinions of their future? 

Here are some stats we though you might like to see.

Furloughed candidates

28% of candidates we spoke to, who were in Permanent jobs at the beginning of Lockdown, have been furloughed.

12% said their employers were not willing to furlough even though their job was terminated post February 28th .

60% were still working.

Just 38% of furloughed candidates  were confident that they would be able to return to work full-time after Lockdown

Reduced hours

Since Lockdown, 12% of candidates have had their working hours reduced to 3-4 days per week.

New starters

12% of people who were due to start new positions post March 1st had successfully started during the Lockdown

A quarter (24% ) were asked to delay the start date of their new job  to post July 1st

63% had their job offers withdrawn, as many companies put a stop to hiring activity as a result of Lockdown.

Remote Working

Overall, candidates are still ambitious for their careers but are much more likely to request an increase in remote working days, post Lockdown.

86% of candidates we spoke to said that they would ask to increase the number of days they could work remotely, once Lockdown was eased. Lockdown has given them the opportunity to exercise more and concentrate on their well-being and spend time with their family. The time and costs they saved on commuting was seen as a huge benefit.

35% of candidates that we spoke to, who were over 40, said that they would prefer to work mainly remotely with just two days per week based in the  office.

72% of  24- 34 year olds’ said that they would prefer to work in the office but would be happy working at home one day per week.

Job hunting

1/5  of candidates (19%) , who were still working,  said they would still be happy to “window shop” any opportunities during Lockdown however they would be very hesitant to switch companies until Lockdown had eased completely.

Career changes

The last few weeks have been life changing. We have had to learn how to juggle work, families and play at home, whilst maintaining social distancing and trying to keep optimistic. It has given us all a time to reflect on what is important and for a notable number it has made them rethink their career plans and decide to make changes.

17% of candidates said they feel even more disillusioned by their employer and the way they have managed the situation and have decided to plan towards a complete career change once this situation is over.

It would be interesting to see how the easing of Lockdown impacts people’s views overall and if attitudes will change. We will continue to review this for the foreseeable future.


** Sectors covered included TV, Media, Market Research, PR Comms &  Corporate services

Job titles included:  Broadcast operations, Programme Planning, Content Delivery,  Marketing, Audience Insights , Acquisitions, Post Producers, Editorial, Motion graphic, VFX,  Social insights, Market Research Execs to managers, Insight Managers, PR Account Managers, Crisis Communications,  Digital producers, Social insights, Editorial & Proofreading, Admin & Support

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