Hard work not ruthlessness vital to success

A good sense of humour, a hard work ethic and a bit of charm are some the strategies job seekers might need to employ when trying to get ahead in the jobs market.

That’s according to new research conducted by children’s literacy charity Volunteer Reading Help, cited by i-l-m.com, which suggests that intelligence, persistence and some luck are also some key factors on the road to landing a high-flying position.

The study, which questioned 500 managers, chief executive officers and businesspeople who earn more than £70,000 annually, also found that ruthlessness was only present in 2 per cent of professionals.

As a result, job seekers looking for jobs in London, for example, may want to highlight their hard work ethic and intelligence in any potential interview situations.

The research, which attempted to find a link between literacy and professional success, also found that 60 per cent of high-achievers are regular readers – with crime novels the most popular genre, cites thebookseller.com.

Sue Porto, CEO of Volunteer Reading Help, believes that hard graft is key when trying to get ahead of the competition.

She stated: “It’s the old adage of people wanting to work with people they like and proves that hard work, persistence and being decent pays dividends in the long run.”

by Ashley Curtis on June 27, 2012

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