Happy Birthday!

This week we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Boyce Recruitment.

For those of you that did not know Boyce Bilingual was set up in 1984 by Tony Boyce, a recruitment entrepreneur and business man who had set up and run a successful legal recruitment agency.

Operating from offices based in St Pauls, Boyce Bilingual provided linguists with secretarial skills primarily to international banks, law firms and media companies. Located in prestigious offices, with the latest single non electronic typewriter, audio machines and paper records of candidate and company details, Boyce Bilingual seemed well equipped at that time, to launch its services.

In 1994, celebrating its 10th anniversary, Boyce Bilingual was re-branded and re-launched to Boyce Recruitment. Our name was changed to reflect what we did best- Recruitment. To this day, we still work with many of the same international organisations however languages are considered a skill, like any other and are not always a prerequisite.

The use of languages in the workplace has changed dramatically since 1984. Many businesses operate globally and are able to do so confidently with the evolution of new technologies. Language graduates are now being offered a broader range of jobs with languages in every sector of business.

Technology has also evolved from working with a single typewriter in the 1980s to the use of mobile and web technologies. Job applications are now made online more than offline and nowadays it is rare not to be an owner of a mobile phone.

Legislation has also evolved with new acts including the EU working time directive, age discrimination laws, an extension of maternity rights and paternity rights and an increase in holiday entitlement as well as introduction of holiday pay for temp workers.

London has always been an international hub for business and this has been enhanced by the increase in number of EU member countries and opportunities for foreign nationals to work in the UK. In addition, the number of jobs with languages that were rarely heard of including Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Bulgarian are now commonplace.

The range of business that we work with has broadened and includes companies within the media and marketing sector, charities, NGOs, financial institutions, professional services firms and the roles we work on are much more diverse that yesteryear, including an expanding number of online job opportunities.

Tomorrow we will be toasting a new chapter in recruitment and look forward to what the future holds. With the approach of the 2012 Olympics and ever advancing technologies who knows what the picture of recruitment will be in 25 years time.

We would like to extend thanks to the many loyal candidates and customers who have worked with us over the last 25 years.


by manuela on March 31, 2009

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