Half of UK employers predict increase in workforce over next three months

Over half of UK employers envisage a talent drive for permanent staff unfolding over the next three months, a survey from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has found.

REC’s JobsOutlook survey, published by rec.uk.com, states that 54 per cent of employers will move to increase their workforce over the next three months. Meanwhile 41 per cent said at the very least they would seek to maintain staff levels.  

In addition to this, just one per cent of those surveyed said they would be going the opposite way by cutting back on staff numbers.

Looking beyond 2012 and into the future, other results showed that 49 per cent predict their permanent workforce to grow in the long term. This could imply that skilled workers who don’t find jobs in London and other areas past the three month period may find luck in the near future.  

A further 50 per cent said they would maintain their staff roster, indicating that 99 per cent of employers aren’t considering staff cut backs over the next 12 months – a two per cent increase on figures seen in September.

October also spawned a promising set of results for temporary workers, as one in four temps claimed to have seen their short-term  arrangement upgraded to a permanent role. According to REC, this represented the highest transfer rate since the survey began in July 2009.

Cited by askgrapevine.com, REC director Roger Tweedy said the new study is a sign that business confidence is steadily strengthening.

“With official employment figures continuing to grow and the UK exiting the double dip recession there are fewer dark clouds on the horizon and many employers feel they can confidently plan for the future,” he added.  

by Richard Towey on November 21, 2012

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