Growth on the agenda for SMEs

Growth being on the agenda for vast majority of the UK’s small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could be good news for job seekers.

According to a report by SAP (UK) Limited, entitled ‘Thinking Bigger Report’, SMEs are feeling optimistic about their growth prospects for the year ahead – with a massive 95 per cent claiming that growth is their number one goal, reports

Furthermore, 81 per cent feel confident in achieving their growth targets, which could include expanding their recruitment drive to offer jobs in London, hiring interns or setting up an additional brick-and-mortar store on a high street.

Additionally, 48 per cent of SMEs are expecting to grow by a massive 10 per cent year on year, while 30 per cent are hoping to grow at a faster rate than their competitors. Around two-thirds (66 per cent) expect to grow in line with the competition.

Finally, over two-fifths of SMEs rate growth over commercial stability; claiming it is a ‘greater priority’ over the next two years.

John Antunes, director of SME & Channels SAP UKI, commented on the figures. Cited by, he said: “The findings from the report are encouraging for SMEs of all size and industry.

“Maintaining a positive outlook is key for SMEs to ensure they continue on their growth course despite a volatile economy, which has now become the ‘new norm’.”

by Ashley Curtis on June 25, 2012

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