Great start to the week

It has been a great start to the week with many exciting new projects to work on and some really interesting opportunities for qualified candidates.

I cannot believe it is October already, although I know many people will be keen to reach the end of what has been an extremely challenging year.

If you are applying for jobs, do not forget to sell yourself in your application letter and in interview. We have heard of many candidates who have become complacent about highlighting why they are the pick of the crop. You only really get one stab at making your mark and if you fail the first stage interview then you have to start all over again. And please remember, if the job turnsout not to be the right position for you, you may like a future role that the employer will offer and so it is always best to make sure the company knows that the role is not right, however the company is extremely attractive and you would welcome other opportunities.


by manuela on October 12, 2009

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