Graduates should brush up their skills

Graduates should consider doing all they can to brush up on their skills before entering the world of work, in order to prepare themselves for employment.

A recently published study found that some 40 per cent of recruiters said new graduates didn’t have the right work-based skills to enter employment, according to HR Magazine.

In order to combat this, some 80 per cent of graduate recruiters believe more should be done to improve the relationship between universities and companies – in order to help support up-and-coming university leavers.

However some believed the responsibility for preparing graduates lay with the learning institutions themselves; whilst others said the graduates had to take it on themselves; using work experience and other techniques to get work-ready.

The news may interest those seeking employment in all areas; as whether they’re looking for market research jobs or multilingual jobs, graduates should try to make themselves as attractive as possible in what is an ever-increasingly competitive sector.

A spokesperson for the study, Mike Fetters, spoke to the Recruiter about the results; claiming: “We have a real chance to champion a collaborating between universities and employers, which I believe can really make a difference.”

“With just over half of graduates utilising their careers service, and only 34 per cent of those finding it useful, there is an opportunity for employers to work with careers services to better the offering to final-year students.”

by Deborah Bates on April 6, 2011

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