Graduates need to get ahead of the game in 2011

Those due to graduate from university this year should start looking for employment early, to increase their chances of snapping up the right role.

That’s the advice of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau’s co-founder, Dan Hawes, who told that he recognised balancing their last year of university and the work involved with a job search could be a tricky feat for soon-to-be graduates. 

“I know there’s a lot of pressure on students to get a 2.1 or a first, and trying to get a job is a full-time thing,” Hawes said. Reports have suggested graduate vacancies will rise by nine per cent this year, giving soon-to-be graduates plenty of choice.

However he added that students searching for jobs in London and across the rest of the UK should start preparing now for life post-university, claiming that for many students, “it hadn’t sunk in” that they would soon finish their degrees and enter what some call the ‘real’ world.

Hawes suggested that those feeling overwhelmed by the job search should try to break it down into more manageable chunks, and told that students should focus on building a comprehensive, strong CV from their first year of university.

This would prepare them better for their eventual job search, and help them to beat the crowds – avoiding the risk of applying for roles that had likely already been filled, he argued.

by Deborah Bates on February 15, 2011

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