Government urged to make their plans for job growth clear

The government has been urged to make their plans for job growth clear to the British public.

That’s according to Dr John Philpott, the chief economic adviser for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), who voiced his expert opinion in The Recruiter.

“Stimulating growth for the long term is about structural policies rather than spending and tax policy. That’s an area where the government is talking about a White Paper, but hasn’t provided details, which is why they have faced criticism from the CBI and others,” Philpott said, concerned over the government’s lack of clarity on the matter.

“There is any great problem with the UK jobs market structurally. If you were to get sufficient demand motoring along, there wouldn’t be any great problem in stimulating growth and employment. We need to create the conditions for investment in capital, skills and new technology.”

Philpott’s claims, which might interest those in London jobs, come shortly after the head of the CBI, Sir Richard Lambert, also blasted the government’s strategies for growth within Britain. Cited in The Guardian, he said of the new coalition government: “It’s failed so far to articulate in big picture terms its vision of what the UK economy might become under its stewardship.”

He also discussed his worries about the government’s policies to create employment for British workers: “It [the government] is by no means firing on all cylinders in this important respect. The growth white paper that was promised last autumn never materialised, and the impression was given that there simply weren’t enough good ideas to justify such a publication.”

by Deborah Bates on January 26, 2011

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