Government to remove any job barriers

The government has announced it will work hard to remove any “perceived or real” job barriers throughout the UK.

That’s according to the minister for employment relations, Ed Davey, who confirmed the stance in The Recruiter.

Davey made the claim whilst speaking at a breakfast event recently, wherein he said: “We want to take away all barriers, perceived or real.”

This should come as positive news to all of those seeking employment, including those searching for language jobs or market research jobs – as it might make their hunt for their dream role much easier.

Furthermore, Davey made reference to the recent Employers’ Charter, which launched in January 2011.

This may have been perceived as some employers as a potential barrier to creating jobs; however the MP confirmed that if companies “behaved reasonably,” it really shouldn’t be that way.

His comments came shortly after news surfaced confirming that the rates of unemployment in Britain had reduced, as more and more companies decided to up their recruitment levels.

It is hoped that this positive turn of events will continue, as recent reports have suggested businesses are starting to feel more confident generally.

A spokesperson for the Federation of Small Businesses, John Walker, echoed this opinion – and added things looked good for Britain overall.

He told “The overall picture suggests that members are bouncing back from a harsh winter, and that the economy should return to growth in the first quarter.”

by Deborah Bates on April 19, 2011

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