Government reveals employers’ concerns

The concerns of many employers across Britain have been highlighted by research published by the government, which found health and safety proves to be the top worry for those hiring staff.

Cited by, the research also found that tax, maternity/paternity leave, liability/national insurance and absence due to sickness worry employers too.

As the minimum wage, working time relegations and discrimination also frighten businesses hoping to increase their head count, the results may encourage the government to provide further support to the UK’s employers. After all, giving them the guidance and help they need to deal with any perceived barriers could well mean more jobs in London or other areas open up.

The concerns were shared in the government’s call for evidence document, a project that seeks to help the UK understand why changes had to be made to some employment laws. Vince Cable said it would “shed some light on the desire for a change to the rules”, according to – but so far, responses to the document are scarce – so it is not yet known if it has.

The government has also made moves to cut the regulation worrying employers, such as pledging to half the health and safety laws in place, in addition to freezing the minimum wage given to younger people.

by Deborah Bates on April 24, 2012

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