The need to learn a second language is reinforced by the rise of globalisation, it has been claimed.

Writing for The Independent, Enjoli Liston suggested that the trend for greater connections across international borders makes foreign languages even more important for those seeking to benefit from the increasingly globalised world.

She pointed out that the majority of people who take language courses do so for work-related reasons, potentially to apply for bilingual jobs, but noted that some will sign up for fun.

Dr Catherine Hua Xiang from the London School of Economics Language Centre suggested the UK’s school system currently has a poor attitude towards learning foreign languages, in part due to the fact that English is spoken so widely.

She told the journalist: “English is the international language and despite efforts made by policymakers and language teachers, not all students or parents see the need and potential of learning a foreign language.”

But it is not just international trade that is prompting UK organisations to call on those with foreign language skills. reported that police are sending out tweets in Lithuanian, Polish and Russian in a bid to learn more about a recent crime.

A spokesperson for the emergency service explained that they took the decision as they want to get through to the eastern European community.

by on January 18th, 2012
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