Get recruitment right first time, says expert

Getting recruitment right the first time is the key to success, an expert has claimed.

Writing for, businessman Peter Gwilliam stated that getting recruitment right can both make and save a company money.

The latter is particularly pertinent, as having to let an employee go within the first six months can prove very costly, as Gwilliam explained: “The direct costs of high staff turnover include advertising expenses, job board costs, recruiting fees, internal time cost and pre-employment tests.

“The indirect costs of staff turnover are harder to measure but include training, lost productivity, new hire costs, less of revenue and potentially, a tarnished brand.”

This is why it’s vital to hire the right candidate to begin with; whether recruiting for finance roles or language jobs, this is of the utmost importance. It’s also important to remember that “just because a candidate is technically competent, keen and available” doesn’t mean they are right for the job, Gwilliam added.

He also argued that using recruitment specialists is a good way to ensure the right candidate is hired, stating: “Recruitment firms reduce attrition by creating choice for employers through a shortlist.”

His comments were shared by fellow expert and writer, Martin P Reed, who told that recruitment consultants are able to weed out the “inappropriate” applications and present only the “best possible” options.

by Deborah Bates on August 22, 2011

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