Future of work revealed

The world of work could look very different in 25 years, according to research undertaken by a professor and her team.

Professor Lynda Gratton – who is also the founder of the Hot spots Institute, HR-matters.info revealed – explained what she thinks the future of work will comprise.

To come to her conclusion, she surveyed the five main areas she believes will change the world of work. These are “technology, globalisation, demography and longevity, society and natural resource.” Her team then collates the “hard facts” of each.

By doing this, Gratton has been able to determine what she calls the “three broad career paths which will be of most value” throughout the next ten years. These are “grassroots advocacy, social entrepreneurship and micro-entrepreneurship,” she told HR Zone.

What’s more, the expert believes the creative industries will “flourish” over the next quarter of a century, perhaps implying a positive future for people in writing or broadcast jobs. In fact, they will increasingly become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, Gratton said.

“In part because, as experiences become as important as consumption, so those that invent, design and executive experiences will have skills that are considered valuable,” the expert explained.

She concluded by giving some insight into how employees can move with the times and keep up with the world of work’s changes. It’s all about being really passionate about a job; finding something that proves really motivational and personal.

This is the only way workers will put in the “extra energy” required to really fit in well in the world of work, Gratton suggested.

by Deborah Bates on November 10, 2011

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