Having just emerged from a 24 hour telecom blackout, which meant that we had no landline phones, emails or internet access( as these were provided via the phone lines in the building)  I am feeling somewhat defrazzled, jaded, exhausted but also relived that we are up and running again.

It’s amazing how creative you can try and be to worm around this. It is a relief at least to have the backup of social media, Iphones and private emails although this isn’t a perfect solution as you can never work as well as you would have done without any annoying technical issues.

All our recruitment records are protected by several layers of security and firewall. To have full access to the files is near impossible when the chips are down. Great when you need to protect your security but not so helpful when you need urgent access.

We still don’t have an explanation as to what happened but luckily we have a great team who have really done everything to keep going and the day has been extremely productive for us all. Thank you everyone who has been so supportive.



by Boyce Recruitment on January 29, 2013

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