Finding a job in PR requires a strong online presence

Many people will have made the same resolution for 2011 – find a new job – however this is easier said than done, according to one expert.

Paul McGarrity, writing for Business Wings, has cited the “added pressures of recruitment in a digital age,” as the challenge facing many job-seekers, including those working in public relations (PR).

“Rapid advances in technology and media are changing the way job hunters search and apply for jobs and provide novel ways for them to market themselves to recruiters. Employers are also turning to digital media to find the best employees, recruit specialist skills, and even test the truth behind all the CVs.”

For those seeking PR jobs, London is usually considered the best place to start looking. This may be true, but job-seekers should also get their CV out and about on the worldwide web.  One PR executive, Graeme Anthony, told McGarrity how he created a YouTube video to promote himself, and sent it to many prospective employers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it worked, and he landed a top-level job due to his innovative approach. His boss, Graham Goodkind, said: “It’s always amazed me in this day and age, that when things are moving so quickly from a technological point of view, CVs and resumes are really the same as they were 10, 15 or even 20 years ago.”

“So this really opened up our eyes to how it really could be done, and we wanted to meet the guy straight away.”

McGarrity also suggested some other ways in which to make the most of the internet – including building a comprehensive LinkedIn profile, which allows users to be found by potential employers, and also create a strong network of contacts. Additionally, professional recruiters often use the website to search for potential candidates, making it twice as valuable.

However, advises that those building an online reputation ensure they manage it effectively, as Facebook and Twitter profiles could also be subject to scrutiny by potential employers.

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by Deborah Bates on January 27, 2011

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