Featured personality of the week – Celine Lheritier

This week, our Personality of the Week is an International Mobility Consultant within a consultancy firm. International/Global Mobility is also known as Relocations, and a consultancy within this sector specialises in the delivery of fully (or partially) integrated relocation and moving services within the corporate market place. These services are wide ranging. They include cultural, language and business training, and the management of all aspects of expatriate administration and global mobility. Amongst other services, this covers pre-assignment assistance, tax and payroll advice, home-finding, visa and immigration assistance, moving services, repatriation services and a full range of in-country support.

These services are provided on a global basis for many of the world’s leading multinational organisations and government agencies. In addition, there can also be in-house positions available for International Mobility Consultants with blue-chip firms who have an extensive network of expatriates around the world. Those employed within this field need to have an understanding of the corporate world and their client’s business needs, as well as a strong knowledge of the international marketplace and an awareness of different cultures and working practices.

If you are interested in working within International Mobility, please contact our team at info@boycerecruitment.co.uk

Name: Céline Lheritier

Job title: International Mobility Senior Consultant

Industry: Consultancy

    1. Favorite animal: I love my red cat  – “a 6kg heart with hair”


  • Favorite book: In her shoes or Memoirs of a Geisha



  • Favorite film: Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth



  • Favorite food: Chocolate



  • Favorite accent: English or Italian people speaking French



  • Most memorable holiday: Hiking in Utah, climbing on Ayers Rock – Uluru, Horse-riding in Arizona – Monument valley.



  • Favorite catchphrase: The best way to predict your future is to create it.



  • Items for room 101: Unfair situations and people, and insincere people



  • What are the first three things you do in the morning? Try to open one eye, boil the water for the tea and feed the cat.



  • How did you get started in the industry? I started out as an Intern, and was then given a great opportunity when they offered to hire me.



  • What do you enjoy the most about your job?  The fact that I get to work in an intercultural and international environment.



  • What three adjectives would other people use to describe you? Enthusiastic, Resourceful, Honest



  • What three adjectives describe the skills you need to do your job? Accurate, Flexible, Patient, Autonomous, Strong analysis skills (that’s more than three!)



  • What is the most valuable thing you have learnt in your career?  Be mindful of what you are saying and to who, as it can come back like a boomerang – its important to stay professional



  • What tips would you give to someone starting out in this industry?  Always keep trying!



  • What has been the best moment of your career to date?  The creation of the first website within my company for expatriates. It was my first experience of project management, and the budget management restraints made me very creative! We were a team of 5 people from different backgrounds, with different experiences and from different cultures, so in lots of ways it was very challenging. We successfully achieved our project in 12 months, and then it became a Group project and other entities within the Group have been working on it for the last 4 years.



  • What do you hope to achieve on your career in the next decade?  I hope to face lots of challenges, and of course successfully overcome them!



  • When did you last go on holiday and where did you go? I’m going on holiday tomorrow –  hiking in Mexico.



  • What do you spend your money on? Adventurous Travel!



  • If I knew then what I know now I ….  would be much more relaxed and take it easy a bit more!




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