Experience essential, claims survey

Small businesses value experience over qualifications when it comes to the recruitment process.

That’s according to a new study from an independent HR and recruitment consultancy, which also found that interviewers value ‘cleanliness’ more so than ‘politeness’.

Fresh Business Thinking cites figures from the survey, which polled 1,163 staff from separate businesses, in a bid to find the recruitment habits of firms up and down the country.

According to the report, 64 per cent of respondents claimed they preferred experience over qualifications and, of these respondents, 52 per cent preferred experience because the skill would be “more useful” for the business.

Furthermore, 9 per cent claimed they would not hire a candidate with no experience regardless of their qualifications, suggests Recruiter.

This could be useful for those looking at market research jobs, which could ask for experience over qualifications.

Kirsty Burgess, one of the authors of the report, commented on the figures: “It was really interesting to understand what many small businesses across the UK look for when hiring a new member of staff.

“Having dealt with many businesses that have regretfully hired the wrong candidate, we know how important it is for businesses to conduct a thorough interview process and offer the role to the most capable and worthy applicant”, she added.

by Ashley Curtis on November 24, 2011

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