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Eszter Varro, social media specialist

Meet Eszter. She is a social media specialist who has worked in one of Budapest’s most recognised music venues covering all social media channels, and still makes time to interview international acts and write articles for the venue’s blog and magazine.

She transitioned to the music industry from her previous role after a senior colleague at the contemporary theatre, where she had created a successful online presence, recommended her.

Since moving to the UK, Eszter has been working as a Social Media Manager within a technology start-up. Throughout her four years of experience within social media she has gained an understanding of each aspect of social media, including community management, content marketing, paid advertising and analytics.

Here she explains the difference in responsibility between Community Management, Content Management & Social Media Management


‘An online community manager‘s job is to build and organise the audience, keep them entertained and engage in conversations with customers, as well as channel their feedback to the company. It’s kind of a customer representative role in which usually a polite, friendly and caring attitude is half of the success; the other half is being prepared for every situation, no matter how your audience feel or react to the brand’s online or offline activities.

 Content management and marketing, on the other hand, are the creation and distribution of articles, blog posts, videos and pictures with clear aims on social channels. Being it an important message or just pure entertainment, the audience has to see, react to and share the company’s content and the success is clearly measurable by looking at the number of visits, likes or shares.

 Social media management is a big umbrella, under which you can build communities, distribute content and promote events and services – anything that is in the company’s favour. To be a successful social media manager, you need to have a well-built strategy consisting of community management and content marketing, media monitoring, designing and running campaigns, and a lot of analytics.’

Marilyn Marazzi

by Marilyn Marazzi on September 22, 2014

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