Entry-level roles require “good work ethic”

In order to land an entry-level role, candidates must demonstrate their “good work ethic”, according to a recent report cited on Recruitmentdad.com.

Written and published by the Centre for Social Justice, the report revealed that over three-quarters of employers throughout the UK claimed work ethic is one of the most important criteria they judge an applicant by.

Furthermore, 38 per cent said literacy and numeracy was a strong consideration for them; be it recruiting for language jobs or market research jobs.

For 62 per cent of the employers cited by the report, having a “poor work attitude and ethic” would mean a candidate was immediately discounted from the recruitment process. 29 per cent said “lack of skills” would put them off, whilst 57 per cent said “poor presentation” was their bug bear.

The news may interest those hunting out a job at present, as it may encourage them to work on these particular areas.

Recruiter.co.uk added that the centre’s report, due to be released later today, would also call upon the government to add teaching responsibility into its schooling curriculum.

The report is likely to say that teaching responsibility is equally as important as teaching “reading, writing and arithmetic”, and that the lack of this being taught could be British nationals are sometimes overlooked for roles in favour of non-nationals.

by Deborah Bates on July 5, 2011

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