Enjoy the Christmas celebrations

Today I met with some of our favourite clients and we had our first Christmas dinner and Christmas pudding, although I have to admit I wasn’t ready to go for Turkey and trimmings and had sea bass instead followed by Xmas pud and brandy custard- yum.

Tonight is the Research Club Xmas party , a chance for the research recruitment team to let their hair down  and mingle with their clients all under one roof. We are really hoping it will be warm tonight as the temperature outside has dropped suddenly and the sky is white even when it is dark.

Work Christmas parties can be gruelling and although many people look forward to them, sometimes the embarrassing memories of previous work do’s mean that   people try and find excuses not to go as they worry too much about what may happen.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your office party:  

1. Don’t avoid it. It is a great time to relax with your colleagues and find out more about who they really are. Everyone should make an effort and you might surprise yourself and find out how nice those people, whom you have never spoken to before, really are.    

2. Make an effort when you dress up, but don’t go over the top (unless of course the theme is fancy dress) It’s a good chance to show people your personal side and sense of style .

3. Relax and have a drink and enjoy the food. Don’t go overboard with the drinking, and don’t get so drunk that you aren’t able to get yourself home safely. It’s always worth mixing soft drinks with alcoholic ones if you are a fast drinker.  

4) Make the most of the chance to meet people you always wanted to but never had the opportunity to. Say hello to the boss but don’t spend your time talking about your job, career, promotion….   Just be nice and friendly and let them know who you are and remember to thank them for the party.

5. Try not to overdo things and become too much of a party clown. Remember you will always have to go back to work in the morning . if you do embarrass yourself  then apologise if you have offended anyone as soon as you get to work and remember to laugh at yourself as well.  

by Boyce Recruitment on December 6, 2012

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